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3D printers for beginners and home usage

Industrial 3D Printers in Singapore

The best 3D printers in Singapore for homes and industries

3D PRINT HUB ASIA sells the best 3D printers for home usage as well as for Industrial usage. You can find different types of 3D Printers, such as FDM 3D Printers, SLA 3D Printers, SLA-based LCD resin 3D Printers, DLP resin 3d printers & Metal 3D Printers, etc.

There are many types of 3D printers to suit everyone's needs. What you should consider before you buy a 3D printer? 

1. Type of use of the 3d printer: Home usage / Industrial purposes 
2. Type of the 3D Printer: FDM 3d printer / Resin type 3d printer
3. Print size: Is the print size suitable for your requirement? 
4. Printable Materials: Are the printable materials suitable for your requirement? 
5. Print quality: Finishing/resolution
6. 3d printer setup requirement: Easy assembly, auto levelling, Easy filament handling, print bed adhesion
7. Cost of the printer: Printer's and accessories' initial cost
8. Cost of the Print: Maintenance cost + Material cost
9. Warranty and maintenance: Easily accessible suppliers to get the reliable warranty coverage and spare parts

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