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Digital Design

Who are our Design Partners?

3D Print Hub Asia provides a broad network of 3D Printing services all over Asia.

Individuals or companies within the network who produce the 3D model design ordered via the 3D Print Hub Asia website or Sell their own 3D models via 3D Print Hub Asia website are our design Partners.

For more details please refer FAQ

What can you do ?


Sell your own fine tuned 3D models


Work as a 3D designer and accomplish customer requirement. You can quote for customer requirement and work your own. 

What do you need to fulfill to become a Design Partner in 3 D Print hub Asia?

You should proof your competency in 3D modeling. (Certificates / track records / samples)

Free Registration. Service charges will applicable when there is a sale. 

Enjoy 80 - 90 % Royalty

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