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UEN: 202036319R
32 Pekin St
Singapore 048762


3 D PRINT HUB ASIA was incorporated in Singapore in 2020 to introduce new 3d printing-related technologies & products to Asia and provide high-quality services in the 3d printing Industry. 
Currently, we are providing the following services,

  1. We are selling Consumer type 3d printers to Industrial type 3d printers and their spare parts. 

  2. We are selling all types of 3d printing filaments and resins.  

  3. Installation, Maintenance & troubleshooting services for 3D printers for Industrial Partners.

  4. We sell 3d printing-related equipment such as Wash & Cures, Fume Extractors, Filament dryers, etc.

Are you an Industrial Partner (Company), School, University, Government body or any other Industrial personnel looking for 

  1. Official Quotation and/or

  2. Unique Material for 3d printing and/or

  3. Special equipment for 3d printing and/or 

  4. Any services related to 3d printing, such as designing 3d models, 3d prints, prototypes 

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us via 
WhatsApp: 81609182

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality products and services in the 3d printing Industry. We guarantee complete satisfaction with all the services we provide. We are coordinating all types of resources, suppliers, manufacturers, designers, and customers related to the 3D printing industry in ASIA in one place.

Free Delivery within Singapore

3D Print Hub Asia provides Free Delivery service and fast delivery for Ready stock items.

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Contact Us for Better Deals and Discounts

We have the Best Deals for our customers. You can enjoy combo offers from our store.

Contact us for offers:- +65 81609182

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