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Clarify with us about our services and products such as 3d Printers, 3dprints, filaments, Resin and etc. 

  • What is 3 D Print Hub Asia Pte Ltd?
    It is a hub, providing coordination and services for all type of needs in 3D Printing industry.
  • What are the core businesses of 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd?
    Sell 3D Models Sell branded 3D Printers, Filaments, Resins, 3D scanners, 3D Pens & necessary tools. Sell 3D Printed Products Coordinate the 3D model designers & Buyers Coordinate the 3D printing manufactures and Buyers Provide guidance for new 3D printing businesses Develop 3D printing knowledge in the region Research & development in 3D Printing Industry
  • What is the major objective of 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd?
    Develop 3D Printing Industry in the region and develop the region using the 3D Printing technology.
  • What can I do with 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd?
    As a Buyer You can buy best quality 3D printers You can buy best quality filaments and Resins You can buy best quality 3D scanners You can buy best quality 3D printed products You can buy 3D models You can get your custom 3D models for your business or new product ideas. You can buy 3D printed products for your own usage or business. Get your prototypes for your business As a Partner Sell your own 3D models Work as a freelance 3D designer for custom 3D models design projects. Sell your 3D printed products Make your 3D printers busy with our client custom projects
  • How do we ensure that we are getting quality 3 D models from 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd website?
    We will assess each of our 3D model designers before we accept them as a partner 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd will assess the quality of each models before we upload on the website If there is any complain on the model quality, we will assess and refund accordingly.
  • Can I order custom 3D models, which are not available in the 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd website?"
    Yes. You can request custom models via our custom project portal Please mention what type of quality you want according to your requirement. In addition, you can mention about your budget. So we can get the right designer for your project.
  • Is the 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd selling quality products?
    Yes. We are selling all type of quality products according to everyone needs. Before you buy, please check the product standards against your requirements.
  • What are the benefits I can get as a customer if I buy 3D printers from 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd?
    Our printers are all from branded manufactures. We will provide minimum 1 year warranty for all type of printers. Technical supports. Free Delivery anywhere in Singapore. You can get supportable filaments / Resins continuously from us. After sales services such as troubleshooting, repairing & etc. Member benefits. You can sell your own 3D printed products on our store. Keep your printers busy if you join in our 3D printing communities. Get new ideas about 3D printing. Get new business ideas in 3D printing industry via our newsletter.
  • Are 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd supplying different types of filaments?
    Yes. We are supplying different kind of Filaments and resins from recommended manufacturers.
  • Can I purchases 3D printed products?
    Yes. You can purchase from our store. Delivery charges based on your location and the products.
  • Can I order Custom 3 D printed products?
    Yes. You can order your customized products for your individual needs. You can provide your 3D printed models and ask for printing or you can elaborate what do you like and get 3D models and prints. Products requirements should base on our terms and conditions. Products prohibited by law will not be entertain.
  • Is there any delivery charges for Custom 3D printed products?
    Depends on the location and the product.
  • Is there any minimum order quantity for custom 3D prints?
    No. We can print any quantity.
  • Can I order Prototypes?
    Yes. You can get your printed prototypes easily to visualize your product features. Note: If your product design is confidential, please inform us early. We will go with the manufacturers who are signed the Non-disclosure agreement with us.
  • How can I pay for my purchases?
    You can use Mastercard, Visa and PayPal to pay via online. Or you can choose manual pay and pay to said bank account on the Invoice and follow the procedures stated in the Invoice.
  • Is there any warranty for 3D Printers purchased in 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd?
    All the 3D printers’ from our store got 1-year warranty
  • What is business Partner Program?
    Business partner program allow qualified personal to interact with us to sell their products / services. There are three types of Partner programs for whoever wants to become 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd partner. 3D model Design partner Pro- Manufacturer 3D Printing Expert
  • How to become a Partner with 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd?
    Register via online on the relevant section. 3D model Design partner - Pro- Manufacturer - 3D Printing Expert -
  • What is 3D Model Design partner program?
    3D Print Hub Asia provides a broad network of 3D Printing services all over Asia. Individuals or companies within the network who produce the 3D model design ordered via the 3D Print Hub Asia website or Sell their own 3D models via 3D Print Hub Asia website are our design Partners.
  • Do I need to proof my proficiency?
    Yes. You have to proof your proficiency in 3D modeling
  • Is there any registration fees or membership charges to become a 3D Model design partner?
    No. We will charge only when there is a sale. Charges we maintain as low as possible. It will around 5 - 20 % of your product price. Charges will be define upon your registration as a partner.
  • What is Manufacturing Partners program?
    Individuals or established companies within the network who produce the 3D model design and / or 3D printed objects ordered via the 3D Print Hub Asia website are our Manufacturing Partners.
  • How Can I register for Manufacturing Partners program?
    You can register via the following link. You should have the following document during the registration. Personal details Company details Personal details of the authorized representative
  • What are the benefits we can get if we register as a Manufacturing Partner?
    1. Sell your 3D Models 2. Sell your 3D prints 3. Work on 3D printing projects based on customer requirement.
  • Can I sell my own 3D printed products on 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd website?
    Yes. Register as a member and contact us via email.
  • Is there any limitation?
    No limitations. You can sell any amount of 3D models and 3D printed products.
  • Do we need to get 3rd Party / 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd verification before we get custom projects from 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd?
    Yes. You should get 3rd party verification / contact 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd for verification. There will be some verification charges.
  • I am a 3D printing hobbyist. I have a Desktop printer. I want to sell my products online. Can I sell on 3 D Print hub Asia Pte Ltd?
    Yes. You can sell your products. We will highlight your products as non-industrial grade products.
  • Can I securely order my products without spreading my ideas out?
    Yes. We will have non-disclosure agreement with our manufacturers.
  • How can I get the payments for my services?
    We will payout via PayPal and Bank Transfer. Minimum payout will be discussed after your registration.
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