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Who are our Manufacturing Partners?

3D Print Hub Asia provides a broad network of 3D Printing services all over Asia.

Individuals or established companies within the network who produce the 3D model design and / or 3D printed objects ordered via the 3D Print Hub Asia website are our Manufacturing Partners.

For more details please refer FAQ

What can you do ?

1. Sell your 3D Models

2. Sell your 3D prints

3. Work on 3D printing projects based on customer requirement. 

In order to become a Manufacturing partner with us, you have to meet these minimum requirements


You must have an established professional business based in Asia.
You should operate at least an industrial additive manufacturing machine.
You do all manufacturing in-house( no out sourcing)
Established QA/QC procedures with supporting documentation.

Additional Qualifications

ISO certifications
CNC  Machineries
Other work shop facilities.

Registration is absolutely free. We charge only when you make a sale. 

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